Lakmé Perfect Radiance 4-week Intense Whitening Capsules

We all wish for and work hard towards achieving perfectly radiant skin. Skin care is almost an art, and we are always on the lookout for the next miracle cure. We can put on all the creams and lotions, but the fact is that skin care is more about internal health than external coverage. With this in mind, the people at Lakmé have included in their new skin care range – the Lakmé Perfect Radiance – the amazing new Perfect Radiance Capsules Treatment.

Cosmetics giant Lakmé has finally introduced their powerful Intense Whitening Range, Lakmé Perfect Radiance, in India. It is powered with ‘Continuous Release Technology’, which works on your skin’s 6 fairness blocks to give you perfect radiance. The fairness blocks include Tanning, Uneven skin tone, Dark spots, Blemishes, Dullness, and Oiliness. One of the most exciting products in this line is the Lakmé Perfect Radiance 4-week Intense Whitening Capsules. This amazing product is apparently “a power-dose of skin lightening vitamins and anti-oxidants that work in synergy to enhance your skin’s natural radiance”. What this means is that applying this product just before you go to sleep, and anytime in the day, will guarantee that you are getting a steady supply of vital nutrients and minerals continuously. The capsules are meant to be used once in the day and once in the night for 4 weeks. Each capsule contains a luxurious, lightweight serum and pure Vitamin C. It is encapsulated in something called a Microsponge that works by slowly and continuously releasing the potent skin lightening vitamins. This magic product comes in a beautiful glass jar. Each capsule has a narrow end that can be easily snapped off. Release the serum from the capsule and lightly dab it all over your face. It is most effective when used complementarily with the other Lakmé Perfect Radiance products, especially the day and night creams. Each jar contains 28 capsules, and retails for Rs 1,250.

The other products in this new Intense Whitening range include the Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening UV Day Crème, Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Crème, Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Night Repair Crème, and Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Face wash. Used together, they are a formidable force against the “6 fairness blocks”.

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  • Bharat Sachdev

    is it safe to use

  • Rinku

    price is too high i guess……

  • Agnimitra Ray

    Is it sutaible for sensitive skin? and its true the price is too high.


    wow I used it….. it was jus awesome, my skin color has turned much lighter than before…….. worth the money